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Yes absolutely. Usually, we need to look at your property and the project you need us for in order to give you an accurate quote. Just CLICK HERE and fill out the info and then we will reach out and schedule a good time to come out and give you a free accurate estimate.

Yes. We are fully insured and follow the strictest of safety guidelines and procedures.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves in providing the very best service along with the most competitive and affordable prices. can

If the grass is already sickly and thin, yes we always recommend using small push mowers until the grass gets healthy. If the grass is thick and healthy and the operator of the big mower knows how to be careful when turning, then no the big mowers will not hurt the grass But they absolutely can.

The answer to this is two fold, adding granular pre-emergent to the bed on a quarterly basis will help tremendously, and including a bed cleaning service with the lawn care provider will insure that the beds stay clean. Once the weeds in the bed get mature and seed out, then you have a big problem on your hands.

For any kind of oak tree, here in Central Texas, trimming during the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer is best.

First answer for grass dying is water. Having your irrigation looked at and adjusted every February is a great idea to keep it running properly. If the grass is getting water, and sun, its best to call a professional to diagnose whether you have a bug or fungus problem and to treat it.

Of course it is best to plant grass in the spring when rains are a guarantee, but grass can be planted any month of the year. New sod can be planted while dormant during the winter and also can be planted during the hottest times of the summer. If you’re willing to water you can plant any time of the year.

Most of the time water and drainage is what will make or break a lawn as long as its getting proper water and quarterly fertilizing, it should be thick and remain healthy.

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