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Professional Landscaping Services

Landscaping is not just about adding walkways or planting trees in your backyard. When planning your landscape, you must consider many factors, such as soil type, climate, cost, and maintenance. For the best results, you can hire a professional landscaping company to do the job for you. They will enhance your backyard’s natural beauty and make it functional through different landscaping services.


Types of Landscaping Services

Some landscaping companies focus on improving your garden’s health, growth, and functions, while others only do it for aesthetic purposes. However, most of them offer the following services:

  • Pruning

Pruning promotes healthy plant growth, removes diseased and dead branches, and deters animal and pest infestation. Regular pruning also keeps the shrubs and trees dense and proportioned by controlling the shape and size of plants. Furthermore, it protects your family and guests from falling twigs and branches. Since pruning reduces the habitat options of pests, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe.

  •  Gardening

Maintaining a garden takes so much time and energy. It requires regular weeding, removal of grass or dead plants, raking, and watering plants. Hiring a landscaping company means you don’t have to spend weekends removing weeds or cutting grass on your lawn. They can also offer planting advice, apply pesticides and feeds, identify pests, and recommend improvements in your garden.

  • Maintenance

If you plan to sell your home, maintaining your lawn can boost its curb appeal and value. Remember, a house with a well-maintained lawn will sell higher than those with a messy yard. Landscape maintenance usually consists of garden and driveway upkeep, but it can also include seasonal tasks like lawn care, snow removal, and fall and spring cleanup.

  •  Redesigning

Landscaping companies can revamp your existing lawn or build a new one from scratch. You only need to set a budget, choose what landscape style you prefer, and decide how you want to use your outdoor space. Once you’ve made the final decision, the landscaping company will bring your vision to life.

Professional Landscaping Services

When is the Best Time to Hire Landscaping Services?

Summer is a busy period for landscaping companies, so starting your landscaping project as early as spring will help you avoid the summer rush. Starting your project in early spring will also allow you to determine areas requiring repairs or replacements.


Landscaping services can turn a bland outdoor space into a picturesque view that will impress anyone. Whether you’re adding some greenery, water features, or flower beds to your backyard, L&L Specialties can help. We offer a wide range of Waco landscaping services, including sprinkler installation, lawn maintenance, and tree services. Contact us to set an appointment or get a free estimate today.  

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